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Big Diplomatic win for India and Pakistan felt the India’s pressure.

First time in the history of 70 years India has shown the aggression and attack terrorist camps into the enemy territory which has left P...

First time in the history of 70 years India has shown the aggression and attack terrorist camps into the enemy territory which has left Pakistan red faced. And attempt to retaliate in response to Indian attack was a face saving strategy by Pakistan.
India is known for its soft image globally and previous governments especially congress ruled government has built the image of India from Nehru to Rajiv Gandhi…………. 

But Modi has something else in his mind…………………………

First of all we have to understand the Pakistan history and background of the Pakistani Army and how nexus of ISI and Pakistani army operate from the day 1.
Post Independence Pakistan went to war with India in 1948, where Pakistan used tribesman as cover for Pakistani soldiers and attack that time State of Jammu and Kashmir to make J&K a part of Pakistan, with the help of Indian army Maharaja Hari Singh that time king of Jammu and Kashmir thwarted Pakistan from J&K and Maharaja Hari Singh sign the Instrument of Accession with India which Pakistan claim fake.

When the Pakistan formed many cautioned Jinnah Pakistan is created by some ruling elite, which has become truth after a decade. India become republic in 1951 and in 1958, the first Pakistani President Major General Iskander Mirza dismissed the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan and the government of Prime Minister Feroz Khan Noon, appointing army commander-in-chief Gen. Ayub Khan as the Chief martial law administrator.

Here the fault line starts with Pakistan and difference between India and Pakistan in journey of democratic run.

There is curse on Pakistan no ruler has escaped”  One statement by ex Pakistani diplomat mentioning any elected representative or you say elected government cannot rule without the consent of Pakistani Army and ISI and Pakistani army is involve in political manipulation in Pakistan.

Most of the Pakistani leader lived in exile from Pakistan from Benazir Bhutto to Nawaz shariff which proves that how deep influence Pakistani army has in Pakistan politics.

Some Pakistani intellectual like Hussain haqqani ex Pakistan Ambassador to US living in United States in exile mentioned Pakistan army as an armed militia and a Radical Mulla you cannot say it’s a professional army, from arms selling to drugs smuggling in all activities Pakistani army is involved. In Pakistan from real estate business to every other industries are run by Pakistani generals, there is army elite is formed and maximum funds which Pakistan used to get in the form of Aid is siphoned by the Army and political class.

In India we have 400 million middle class, which is equivalent to US population.  
In Pakistan the economic gap is huge or you can say there is no middle class either rich or poor.

This gives and edge to India and Indian economy and to the world economy as a huge market for global companies from mobile phone to consumers durable, all the Chinese mobile market has huge Indian market base which China also know and trade between India and China is almost 100 billion.  

From Afghan War to War on Terror, Pakistani army act as a militia “ Paisa do aur kuch bhi kaam karwa lo” give us money and tell us what to do. Pakistan's status as an Islamic ideological state is closely linked with the Pakistani elite's worldview and the praetorian ambitions of its military.
Terrorism has become a business for Pakistani army and it is one the bargaining chip and foreign policy to blackmail Europe and US.

Donald trump actually busted this scam and exposed Pakistan badly which other US President fail to understand the Pakistan modus operandi and extract money in the name of terror.

In one hand Pakistan used to give hideout to terrorist and demand money from west in the name of war on terror which is clearly understood by western countries.
Our Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi used all the diplomatic channels to prove the Indian point which we used to say from last 30 years.
Unfortunately after terrorist incident happen in Many European countries has come to this realization what India has to say. It’s now proven how Pakistan Army used this proxy in different countries and destabilized them.

Taliban is widely supported by Pakistani Army and Afghanistan used to say the same thing about Pakistan, there is huge discord between Civilian government and Military in Pakistan, foreign policy is mainly controlled by ISI and Pakistani Army and no civilian government ever challenged this, Nawaz Shariff try to take some tough measure he was replaced by then Army General Parvez Mussaraff.
After the Osama Bin Laden caught in Pakistan, it was exposed worldwide and Pakistani Army suffered huge embarrassment from worldwide even within their country.

 Now Pakistani Army is very much in the control of Chinese influence and Chinese government has direct link with the Pakistani army, due to heavy investment of Chinese in Pakistan and Chinese know without the help of Pakistani army one cannot operate in Pakistan swiftly

Modi’s foreign policy and relation with Pakistan

NDA government always given space for the dialogue, our late PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee took bus to Pakistan and in return we got Kargil and which is set back for the NDA and Hijack of IC814 was huge setback for NDA.
India gave enough evidence to Pakistan from 1989 till date and every evidence has gone in vein.

This process adopted by every state head of India except Narendra Modi
Modi Government has some different thought process from previous state heads, after he took charge first thing he has done shows the importance and the contribution of the India and Indian.

Which has huge impact on the world, he made some 35 foreign trip in which twice to US and first any Indian state head to Israel and strengthen strong relation with neighboring countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Srilanka and Vietnam to counter the Chinese influence which previous government has failed to do that.
Massive funds was allocated to built the infrastructure specially to Northeast region which previous government or can say Congress never gave importance and left at his own.

Modi government has given importance to the northeast region and also gave representation to central ministry Kiren Rijiju was an classic example. To counter the Chinese expansion border area’s are developed on war foot and amid tension with China Modi used to visit china.

Countries like Saudi Arabia gave PM Narendra Modi the highest Civilian award the King Abdulaziz Sash in 2016. This clearly indicates how India made the influence in Arab world.

Wing commander Abhinandan release is one of the classic example how India’s pressure has forced  Pakistan government to release Wing Commander on immediate basis and India warned he cannot used as bargain tool for any kind of dialogue which shows clearly India’s aggressive posture and not ready to compromise on terrorism, which Pakistan clearly understood and do not want to escalate any tension with India and Pakistan is also not capable of fighting any form of war with India.

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